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Software Development Tech Lead

Canada, Quebec, MontréalEngineering and Development

Job description

Founded in Quebec City in 2010, Petal is a dynamic and growing company made up of over 250 enthusiasts who have developed innovative real-time care orchestration and medical billing solutions for Health Delivery Organizations. Patient self-scheduling, clinical capacity management, care coordination, physician scheduling and secure communication, all on our innovative and secure cloud platforms.

You want to make a difference?

If, for you, accomplishment and challenge come hand in hand.

If, for you, the opportunity to make a real impact in the community is a reason to get up in the morning.

If, to you, software is more than code, it’s a tool to make the world better.

Launch your career while making a positive impact on society by joining one of Canada's fastest growing healthcare technology companies.

Let’s talk stack

Our backend stack mainly consists of APIs within a Ruby on Rails application built on top of Redis, ElasticSearch, Sidekiq, Docker and MySQL. This backend coordinates multiple different data streams and allows for complex healthcare ecosystems to be optimized and efficient. Our frontend and mobile apps utilize modern frameworks such as Angular and React Native, RxJS, Redux, and Storybook. Quality being at the center of our principles, all of this code is tested using frameworks such as Jest as well as end-to-end testing libraries and services. Finally, we strongly believe in a continuous delivery approach and have achieved a strong maturity in this regard, deploying code in production environments multiple times a day.

Curious about our challenges?

Did we mention that we're aiming for world-class? Think about efficient, highly scalable and responsive infrastructures, think interoperability, think multiple languages, think security - where to start! GDPR, PEPIDA, SOC2, and so on - we work in healthcare, that's a given.

Much has been done, but much remains to be done for us to be satisfied. Do you want to participate in our transformation and collaborate in refining the techniques and practices that make the development of modern and complex web applications so challenging, but oh so rewarding? We absolutely want to meet you!

What will your daily life look like?

As a Tech Lead, you can expect to :

  • Work closely with the PO and the SM to ensure the progress of the various team deliverables;
  • Analyze technical needs and constraints;
  • Make architectural decisions;
  • Support and advise developers in their daily activities and strategies;
  • Ensure the quality of the code and compliance with programming standards;
  • Ensure a balance and sustainability of knowledge with the team;
  • Represent your team with the various communities of practice and ensure adequate knowledge sharing;
  • Keep a constant watch on technological developments;
  • Participate in the development of functionalities.

Job requirements

So what are we looking for?

  • First off, a palpable passion for your craft - be able to tell us about accomplishments that you are proud of!
  • In-depth knowledge of software development - ideally with a stack similar to ours, but don't be held back if that's not the case.
  • Experience to spare - be ready and interested in solving complex problems and mentoring, training and engaging your junior-intermediate colleagues.
  • Autonomy - but don't worry, you won't be alone in your corner when you arrive! You will have a dedicated colleague to support you for as long as you need.
  • Reliability - no one wants to check your hours. We're interested in what you produce, how you advance your team's goals, and what you put in the hands of our customers.
  • Collaboration - you don't have to be Miss Congeniality, but you must have the ability to work harmoniously with others and have a constructive approach to challenges or disagreements.
  • Maturity – Tech Leads at Petal understand business issues and are able to face challenges with pragmatism and a solution-oriented approach.
  • Big picture – you have to have the instinct to take a step back and take ownership of the big picture of the product and the projects.
  • Proficient in English and French.

What awaits you

We work hard, so you might as well be aware that here we have fun too: relaxed atmosphere, social activities, exceptional colleagues - you will not be bored.

And as much as we love getting together - from full remote to full-time office - it's still your choice. Either way, you'll have a high-performance Macbook Pro and $ 1,000 signing bonus to optimize your set-up.

If and when you choose to come to the office, you will enjoy modern and freshly renovated spaces, both in Quebec City and in Montreal. Needless to say, coffee, tea, snacks and Thursday-Friday happy hours are included.

Group insurance, contributions to your retirement savings plan, vacation, telemedicine and well-being measures, we spare you the details, it's all there.

Your family or friends who asking if the extraordinary platform that facilitates access to care, is that you? The ultimate paycheck. Join us in our mission to empower healthcare innovators and improve healthcare differently.

Mots clés : Development lead, technical lead, lead programmer, lead developer, lead application developer

Canada, Quebec, Montréal
Engineering and Development